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Online Marketing on a Budget

Online Marketing on a Budget

When you hear the term online marketing, you automatically think of paid advertising which means spending money. In some cases, a lot of it and often with little to no return.

So, you probably switch off and think, it’s not for you. That you don’t have the money to throw at marketing your business.

This then leads to justifying your decision to yourself.

After all, you’re happy enough with the way things are.

You don’t need any more orders because you’re already busy…enough. Your kids are still young so keeping the business as a hobby means you can spend more time with them.

Seriously, having a big business just isn’t right for you.

But wait…that’s not my vision.

What if online marketing meant that you can create a steady stream of income?

What if it meant that you would no longer have quiet periods where you doubt yourself and wonder if you are doing the right thing?

What if I said online marketing meant that you could focus on doing just the stuff that only you can do…like creating your products or meeting with clients? Doing that big expo you want to do next year but don’t have time or the money for it yet?

A small monthly outlay can reap big rewards. It’s the difference between surviving and thriving. It’s finding the balance between family, friends, and work.

How can you do your online marketing on a tight budget?

The best way is to hire a virtual marketing assistant agency and outsource all your marketing activities to them. Unlike traditional marketing agencies that create massive campaigns only the big businesses can afford, our role as your marketing assistant partner is to ensure your digital marketing activities are successful without being costly and give you the results you want.

This is why we specifically focus on organic and content marketing activities, rather than paid ad campaigns. Our team will hone in on your email marketing and social media pages to ensure your brand is connecting with your audience in a way that makes you stand out.

We look at your big picture and bring all the moving pieces of your online presence together. By working on quarterly goals, we create online marketing campaigns that don’t rely on costly paid adverts that can churn through your budget within days.

Where to next?

The first step to getting your digital marketing on a budget is to create a plan. If you’d like to do it yourself, request our one-day 90-day marketing plan template, or you can take advantage of our digital Marketing Strategy service and we’ll do it for you.

Next comes the creation of your To-Do List, along with the planning of your content and website updates.

Don’t stress if that all feels daunting because we can do that for you too. Whether your plan is one you created or we assisted with, we’ll follow it to the letter and take all of that stress and overwhelm away from you.

Now, doesn’t that sound so great that you want to get us on board right now? It does to us, so get in touch with the team at InDeed We Can to get the ball rolling today.

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